To anyone who happens upon this blog

I just wanted to put it out there to anyone who happens to look at this blog, sometimes I need help. This is a very new blog. This blog hasn't even begun to crawl, let lone walk. That said, I would vastly appreciate any suggestions from anyone who happens to look at my blog as to how it can be improved. Don't like the color scheme...let me know. Know of some way I could make my pictures look tastier...inform me. Is there some feature that other blogs have which mine is severely lacking...tell me about it. Seriously, any suggestions are more than welcome. This is my very first foray into the blogging world, help me make it more successful and fun. Thank you


1 Response to To anyone who happens upon this blog

November 23, 2008 at 9:41 PM

You could get a good host (like flickr) and make all the pictures bigger (say, flickr's medium). Big, juicy pictures are one of the most important parts of food blogging.

BTW, I liked the steel-cut oats breakfast post. This summer I used them to make Caledonian ice cream--it was delicious.


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